Main Goal🥅

We started Dev Roadmap as a resource to help aspiring web developers (and hopefully at some point software developers in general!) navigate the enormous amount of options for what to learn. With a seemingly endless list of technologies and methods for developing websites, it can be overwhelming to get started with the process of learning web development.

This is a conundrum many of us have faced as we began our journeys of becoming a self-taught web developer, and we felt like there was a clear need for a simple tool to help get started on the right path. This is what Dev Roadmap aims to be.

The goal of Dev Roadmap is to provide every web developer, regardless of where they are in their journey, with a clear path to learning the skills they need to reach their goals. We provide a customized roadmap of the skills, technologies, and concepts you as a student will need to learn in order to build the project of your dreams. Along the way we hope to provide resources (whether made by us or other experts) to help you learn those skills.

Your Roadmap to Learning🛣️

“So that all sounds great” you may be thinking, but how does it work? When you sign up, you are asked to complete a survey of your goals as an aspiring web developer. We use this information to devise a customized learning plan that will allow you to achieve these goals as soon as possible without wasting time on unneeded subjects.

As an example, if your goal was to build a simple SaaS app for tracking employee work hours using a framework like React, your customized roadmap might look something like:

1. Frontend:

– Emphasis on quickly learning the basics, then focusing on a desired framework

  1. HTML For Beginners
  2. Basic CSS
  3. Advanced HTML and Javascript
  4. Javascript Frameworks & React
  5. Advanced React

2. Backend:

– Keep the backend simple, use a Content Management System for speedier development

  1. Creating an API from Scratch for Beginners
  2. Using a Headless Content Management System (CMS) to Build an API in Minutes
  3. Modeling a Basic App’s API
  4. API User Authentication

3. Database:

– Surface-level knowledge of databases, but CMS will handle database

  1. What is a Database?
  2. SQL vs. NoSQL Databases – Which is Right for You?
  3. Creating a Production-Ready Database

4. SaaS:

– Learn how to run a SaaS company, from marketing to monetization

  1. What is SaaS?
  2. The Definitive SaaS Product Billing Guide
  3. Building a SaaS from Start to Finish
  4. Monetizing your Web Application
  5. SaaS Pricing Strategies
  6. Marketing a SaaS Web App

For each section and item of your customized roadmap, you’ll find learning options both paid and free to give you control over how you learn. In the near future we will be rolling out our own courses specifically designed to accompany this roadmap design, making things more seamless as you go through your learning.

How Much Does it Cost?💰

As of now, we are not charging anything to use our platform. Our money is made through affiliate links and sponsorships for the content we write and link to. However it is important to note that we retain full control over our content, and only recommend courses and other learning materials that we have fully vetted and used ourselves. We do not accept sponsorships for the sole reason of monetary gain.

In the future, we will likely roll out a premium membership tier for access to our in-house educational content, as this is expensive and time-consuming to produce. However, access to the content that currently exists on our platform, as well as new content outside of the premium courses, will remain free forever.

Our goal is to provide as much benefit to students looking to learn web development as we possibly can, without charging an amount that proves to be an obstacle to your learning. While we are still working out pricing, we will strive to make it as low as is financially possible.

We will also continue to provide links to free learning resources, of which there are many, for each topic and section we recommend in our roadmaps.

The Near Future🔮

So what can you expect soon? In the near future, we are going to be rolling out a lot of content around getting started with learning web development. You can expect a regular content release schedule, with at least 2 or 3 articles per week, with videos and other content sprinkled in as well.

We also plan to continue refining and improving upon our learning recommendation engine, as well as improving our database of learning resources for recommendations. All of this is going to improve your learning experience and hopefully drastically increase the value you get out of our website.

We also may run some more experimental features to see if they prove useful or valuable. The details of these can’t be discussed quite yet, but we’re excited to keep working on them!

How You Can Help🤝

We’re a relatively new venture, with much room to grow and expand our offering. We are always looking for great learning resources that we can share with others. Whether you’re a teacher with your own course you’d like to share with our members, or a student who found a particularly great course you want to share with others, we love recommendations.

Furthermore, we are always looking to add to our collection of one-off written and video tutorials for aspiring developers. If you consider yourself an expert in a specific dev-related topic, we’d love to have you create content around it to help others.

If you’re purely here to learn, we would love to get your feedback about our site. Are we missing a topic you really want to learn? Is there some part of our website that doesn’t measure up to your expectations? Anything we did exceptionally well? We’d love to hear about it!

We can’t do our best job without ensuring that our community is happy with our work. To reach out to us about any of the above topics, or anything else on your mind, feel free to send us an email! We promise to respond as quickly as possible.

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